State assumed truth a relic of colonialism.

We can now expose British State Criminals who have LIED UNDER OATH.  Cases over the past 30 years must be reopened and STATE WITNESSES interrogated.

We the people must not be SWINDLED: AD2021

A Brief History of Polycarp Journals

Polycarp Journals has in excess of five decades of meandering history.  We started with the drawing and documenting of botanical vines and flowers in the local environment with small write up explaining the drawings and paintings of the natural world.  We then began to count grains of sand and write observations on sand, waves, the rhythm of the sea and species of local fish in the waters.

We then noticed books documenting history and geography of the local area as well as botanicals and marine life did not seem to be accurate so started documenting on ground reality.

We produced and published several books:

Some highlights ….





and much more.

All evidential matter.  No novels or fanciful thoughts. Accuracy and clarity essential. No political affiliations or groups.

Regarding the Transatlantic Slave Trade we journeyed as we always did to document on ground reality. Latitude/Longitude and more.

We travelled to Lagos in the Algarve in Portugal only to realize the account of the Transatlantic Slave Trade required accuracy even from the beginning.

Moving on, we found every man, woman and child in the Transatlantic countries worked in and benefitted from the trade in HUMAN CARGO. The undulating sea beds of the Atlantic made it impossible without serious dredging to accommodate slave vessels so the accuracy of the TRADE in HUMAN CARGO over 100’s of years requires serious attention.  Documentary evidence to date could never be substantiated.  Fanciful in the extreme.  Even chain making tells its own tale.

Now we turn to the inherited LEGAL SYSTEM operating in the UK and throughout the COLONIES.

ASSUMED TRUTH by the STATE throughout the colonial world has criminalized and buried millions of innocent people never able to defend themselves against ASSUMED TRUTH by the BRITISH STATE its colonies, treatise, territorial countries etc.

An inherited system of belief for want of a better word where Masters / Aristocracy / Elite were assumed to tell the truth and lesser mortals in the system relegated to prisons or burial grounds, the truth never to be told.

This ASSUMED TRUTH is now operated in the Government arena of JUSTICE or lack of it.

How many people have needlessly gone to prison, experienced capital punishment and or buried without the truth ever being told?

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Lets keep it simple!

Assumed truth is when BRITISH STATE OFFICIALS ramble and lie under oath.

It is considered EVIDENCE simply because STATE OFFICIALS take an oath before lying.

These lies are then accepted as truth and translated into EVIDENCE.  No CHALLENGE accepted or documented.

The British STATE in its COURTS OF LAW then convict and condemn Britons on ASSUMED TRUTH / lies offered by STATE OFFICIALS. No hard evidence required.

© MESD Polycarp Journals AD2021


Cases over the past 30 years must be reopened and STATE WITNESSES interrogated.

We the people must not be SWINDLED: AD2021